Thank You to everyone for the last 6 brilliant years. With deep regret we are closing our Sea Dog Orlando location on July 29th 2019. We will relocate our mug club at our neighbors Kitty O’Sheas and invite everyone to continue to enjoy Sea Dog and Shipyard at our other locations throughout Florida and New England.

Mug Club

We extend our most sincere thanks and gratitude to our mug club members for your loyal support over the last 6 years. The decision to close was extremely difficult and We are aware of the impact this closing will have on our mug club members. We invite our members to relocate the mug club to our neighbor Kitty O Shea’s, Please visit them for details. Our bar manager Andrea and some of the staff will also be there for any questions or concerns.

Don’t forget you can also enjoy our other Sea Dog and Shipyard locations throughout Florida and New England.

On Behalf of the company I would like to express my personal appreciation for the association we have had through the years. Sea Dog is very grateful for your continued service and support during this time.

Questions or Concerns Please Contact
Fred Forsley 207-450-1104

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